Ceci n'est pas un Concerto - Francisco Coll

Ceci n’est pas un Concerto (2016)
for soprano and ensemble
Duration (mins): c.18
INSTRUMENTATION – – perc(2): xyl/glsp/susp.cym/clash.cym (small)/tgl/c.bell/metal guiro/5 tpl.bl/sleigh bells/cast/whip/cajon/quads/breaking glass/telephone/wooden box (cajón flamenco)/clothes brush – pno – strings (
Text: Francisco Coll
Singer Text: soprano
Languages: English
Commissioned by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, with financial assistance from the following individuals through BCMG’s Sound Investment Scheme:
Sherzad Al-Khalifa
Paul Bond
David Carver
Alan Cook
Mark Devin
Derrick Fielden
Anne Fletcher
Stephen Johnson
Jeremy Lindon
Michael and Sandra Squires

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First Performance
10.12.2016, CBSO Centre Birmingham, UK: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group/Thomas Adès