Ich Selbst - Francisco Coll

Ich Selbst (2010, rev. 2011)


Two trombones and two percussion players


Duration (mins): 6


Commissioned by the Institute of Music of Valencia. The world premiere of the first version was given at the Mostra Sonora de Sueca: Espai Sonor/Carlos Gil/Voro García. The world premiere of the revised version was given at José Iturbi Conservatoire in Valencia by Juan Carlos Matamoros and Carlos Gil, 1.6.13




2 trombones and 2 percussionist




26.5.11 (first versión)
Mostra Sonora de Sueca
Espai Sonor/Carlos Gil/Voro García


1.6.13 (new versión)
Auditorio del Conservatorio José Iturbi de Valencia
Juan Carlos Matamoros/Carlos Gil


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